[caption id="attachment_114" align="alignleft" width="625"] Sally Mackereth.[/caption]

What do you do for a living?
I'm an architect with my own practice called Studio Mackereth. We recently designed and built our own office from some derelict former Victorian stable blocks. We specialise in high-end residential buildings, global luxury retail design, galleries and bespoke furniture.

How long have you been a cyclist?
I wouldn't call myself a proper 'cyclist', but I have had a bike for years in the countryside. I like the freedom of a car-free day, just cycling to the post office or down to the beach with the children. I've only recently braved the idea of cycling in London.

What are you riding now?
For Norfolk I have an Electra beach cruiser bike from California. It's really fun to ride: white tyres with green rubber trim, a Hawaiian print tooled leather saddle and white leather fringes fluttering from the handlebars. By contrast in London my new much-loved bicycle is a black glossy Pelago from Helsinki. The frame has a pleasing shape - not retro but traditional and simple.  It's really very comfortable too.

What appeals to you about cycling?
I drive an old classic car but getting around central London during the day is too slow and stressful. I've discovered cycle lanes and can now reliably predict my arrival time at meetings. I don't go particularly fast and I refuse to wear special cycling clothes (except my trusty Bern helmet). I'm often in a dress and sometimes heels, tootling along past all the traffic. As an architect I'm always looking up at buildings and I definitely see more and connect differently with this vibrant city on my bike.

How often do you ride?
I confess I'm a fair weather cyclist. While the sun shines I'm loving my bike rides, so I use it most days in the Spring/Summer. I try to use the cycle lanes as much as I can as I feel safer, but from time to time I'll take in back streets and cross the parks, which is a lovely way to explore London.

What’s your favourite cycle route or destination?
One of my favourite cross-town trips in the morning sunshine takes me from my studio in Kings Cross through Bloomsbury, Noho, Marylebone, whizzing past all the queuing traffic and down into Mayfair to join a friend for breakfast.

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