[caption id="attachment_82" align="alignleft" width="625"] Jo Wood.[/caption]


What do you do?
Organic beauty product CEO, author, and I appear on television too.

How long have you been cycling?
Since I was seven.

What is your earliest memory of cycling?
My dad renovated an old bike for my seventh birthday. He used to renovate Lambretta scooters. I just loved that bike!

What bike are you riding now?
I now ride a customised Urban Flying Machine.

How many bikes have you owned?
Too many to count. I have owned many bikes over the years.

How often do you ride your bike, and for what purpose?
I ride my bike most days in good weather... I go to the office, shops, gym, or anywhere else I need to get to.

How do you normally get around town?
As I live in London my bike is my first option, then a cab.

What is the appeal of cycling in London? What do you love about it?
I love cycling in London. It’s a kind of freedom for me, plus of course I get exercise.

What do you dislike about cycling in London?
I dislike the traffic, and find the buses scary.

Where is your favourite place to cycle?
Regents and Richmond Park.

How did you discover Velorution?
I discovered Velorution when I cycled past on my old bike and thought, “If ever I need to get a new bike, I will go there…” Then my old bike got stolen!