What do you do for a living?

I’m a singer, dancer, actor, model and painter. Currently I’m working in front
of the camera with Warner Brothers, dancing amenco at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, modelling at the Royal Academy, and painting my own classic artwork for exhibitions. I o en sing classic jazz, with a long line of musicians in my family tree.

How long have you been a cyclist?

Throughout my teens I cycled to college and university. I returned to London
six years ago a er a longstanding performance in Europe, without much driving experience. I decided to travel across London on a bicycle, reminding me of all my past travels and adventures in my early years.

What bike are you riding now?

I ride my Brompton everywhere in London, it’s easy to fold the bike before entering shops, restaurants and my own working areas, its size and shape are the size of a suitcase when folded. When riding, the upright position on saddle reminds me of riding horses.

What appeals to you about cycling?

Through my international travels, I have seen the cycling life of grand cities like Bangkok, before becoming convinced that it’s the best way to keep your fitness and speed of travel on balance, without the barriers of traffic, cost of travel and an engine to look after. It was in London, at a red light, where a cyclist stopped next to me, looked down on his muscular legs and said, ‘These are my own powerful engines’.

What are your passionate about?

I have passions to perform on stage, my Spanish flamenco costume, stamping all the beats to Compás. I really enjoy cycling through London in my Old English suit. The waistcoat and jacket from Velorution’s No75 collection.

How often do you ride?

Every day across London, to work and back. Through Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Kings Cross and the West End. I also ride the silent path of the north canals and Kew Gardens at the weekend. I stop at cafés and restaurants wherever I go.

What is your favourite cycle route or destination?

With my love for classic architecture, I enjoy riding through the colourful streets of Notting Hill, or the awakening workout when riding up to Harrow on the Hill on a sunny day.