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Velorutionaries - Tracy Griffith

What do you do for a living?

Sushi chef, artist, writer. I travel the world as sushi chef, promoting my sushi cookbooks, and my innovative sushi and wraps made in the US (newgemfoods. com). I’m also a resin painter, including animal skulls & horns, with my first London show coming up this fall at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery.

What are you passionate about?

Travelling and tasting local cuisine, and learning from other chefs how to cook it. I collect beautiful knives, crockery, and utensils. Art, music, my dog and my husband.

How long have you been a cyclist?

I’ve ridden bikes since I was seven years old. Not sure that makes me a proper cyclist, but I now look like one on my Velorution bike! Does that count?

What bike are you riding?

A stunning Schindelhauer Frieda. It’s a lightweight aluminium bike in a natural pure nish with a brown leather saddle and matching grips. The bike has a carbon belt instead of a greasy chain so it’s much cleaner and easier to ride.

What appeals to you about cycling?

The joy of speed and the feeling of flying. My Schindelhauer bicycle makes it so easy because it’s brilliantly designed and engineered. It’s the one of most beautiful bikes out there.

How often do you ride?

As often as London weather permits. I’m not a winter warrior, if the weather is cold and miserable I prefer not to cycle.

What’s your favourite cycle route or destination?

Richmond Park, Hyde Park, and heading west on the beautiful Thames path along the river out to the countryside.

Published from Velorution Magazine Issue 5

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