City style has never been so breezy

Your options for pedal-assisted folding bikes have never been richer, but then many would argue choices remain limited for ‘doing it in style’, unless you’re willing to go to extraordinary custom-build lengths, of course.

Belgium-designed Ahooga brings to the table plenty more than a smooth aesthetic and if you’ve some aspirations for something with unique flair then the label is well versed in delivering custom paintwork within a four week turnaround. Theoretically available in 215 colours spanning matt or glossy finish, there are few other folding labels willing to go to such lengths to deliver love at first ride.

Even by electric bike standards, the ride is effortless. Built around a super-stiff aluminium frame, and nimble 20-inch wheels, there are hints of BMX-like agility paired with the comfort of a sit up and beg bicycle. Finally, a hint of city speed is delivered via a smattering of high-end componentry, as well as the trusty kick of an EU certified powerful 250W rear hub motor.
Per charge, the Ahooga will typically deliver between 50 to 70 kilometers of assistance, all depending on your local topography. The battery can, of course, be switched off to save the juice on the flats. Should you wish to travel under one’s own steam the a 52 tooth chainring at the front will deliver great top-end speed, while a 11 to 28 tooth cassette opens up further potential as the inclines steepen.

The fold is intuitive: a lift of the saddle sees the rear wheel pivot under the frame. A further fold at the handlebar and you’re ready to hit the tube. It’s a mere ten second process to pack the bike down to 33” x 29” x 11”. Lifted at the top tube, your non electric build will tip the scales at just 10 kilograms; adding a battery and motor only adds a 3kg penalty, placing the Ahooga among the more manageable e-folding packages on the market.

Attention to detail, a crucial factor in any folding build, is taken a step further with clever roll and snap guards that will protect from urban road grime. There’s no overkill here, the bike retains elegance, but adds convenience with features like a theft-protection ID and trusty Schwalbe Kojak tyres as standard. For added puncture protection, an upgrade to Marathon Plus tyres is also an option.

Fancy the full Ahooga package? Customers can pick and choose from a range of transport covers, bags, baskets, racks, phone mounts and child seats, all available to order alongside your build of choice.