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Renaud Thillaye

  • Velorutionary - Renaud Thillaye

    Renaud Thillaye.


    What do you do?
    Think-tank researcher.

    How long have you been cycling?
    Since I was five or six I guess, but in London for two years.

    What bike are you riding now?
    Eastway FB 4.0, a hybrid.

    How many bikes have you owned?
    No more than three. One every 10 years.

    How often do you ride your bike, and for what purpose?
    Almost every day in summer, but only one or two times in winter. This has to change!

    How do you normally get around town?
    By bike, by foot and on public transport.

    What’s the appeal of cycling in London? And is there anything you dislike?
    I like saving time, enjoying London outdoors and being able to choose my route as I fancy. I don’t like reckless cyclists and the impression of being in a permanent race. Cyclists on the Continent are much more civilised!

    Where is your favourite place to cycle?
    Any of the London bridges, and the Regents Park Outer Circle.

    How did you discover Velorution, and how have you found the experience of shopping there?
    I came across Velorution by chance while walking on Great Portland Street. I really liked the design touch of the bikes there, and the dedicated spirit of the team. For anyone who wishes to make a quality purchase, this is the place to visit.

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