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Kate Silverton

  • Velorutionary - Kate Silverton

    Kate Silverton.

    What do you do?
    I’m a broadcast journalist.

    How long have you been cycling?
    Around ten years. I used to compete in triathlons and had a beautiful Pinnacle racing bike, but then I had to have a back operation and it put a stop to any running. But it did mean I started cycling even more.

    What bike are you riding now?
    It’s my trusty stalwart – a Globe that I call Betsy. It’s been the most brilliant bike. I bought it around four or five years ago and it has taken a mighty battering, but it has completely stood the test of time. She’s not all that glam, but she was a great buy.

    How many bikes have you owned?
    Only three. I’d love to have a different bike for different occasions: a Pashley for riding around home, a racing bike, like the Urban Flying Machine I saw in Velorution, and then perhaps a replacement for Betsy, although I can’t bear to think about that one just yet.

    How often do you ride your bike, and for what purpose?
    I commute around 14 miles a day in to the BBC in central London.

    What’s the appeal of cycling in London?
    I love cycling past all our National landmarks, whether it’s cycling up the Mall with Buckingham Palace rising up in front of me, or through the Royal Parks, which are simply glorious. I just love it, and to see the seasons change too is a privilege.

    Where is your favourite place to cycle?
    Around Richmond Park – I love putting my daughter in her seat behind me and we take off with a picnic. It is heavenly.

    How did you discover Velorution?
    I popped in to Velorution as it’s near the BBC and is involved in its cycling scheme. It’s very convenient for having my bike checked over and having any parts changed. I just hope I don’t need to do too much more to poor Betsy – it’s her wheel rims next, I think...

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