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Helen Pinkerton

  • Velorutionary - Helen Pinkerton

    Helen Pinkerton.

    What do you do for a living?
    I’m the PA to the Chief Executive of Grosvenor, a family property company that owns a large chunk of property in Mayfair and Belgravia.

    How long have you been a cyclist?
    I had a bike as a child, but as an adult I bought a Pashley back in 2011, as I’d become fed up of using public transport. I moved on to my first road bike, a Specialized, the following year.

    What are you riding now?
    Thanks to a very well-timed visit to Velorution and having been on the lookout for a new bike for about 6 months, I’ve just bought a rather gorgeous Van Nicholas Ventus VR. Being quite short, I’ve struggled to find an off-the-shelf bike to fit and that isn’t pink or purple.
    We just happened to pop into the shop one afternoon and Jonathan was trying to find a place for a 48cm bike to go on display… It never did get on display; I took it out for a test ride and bought it.

    What appeals to you about cycling?
    The obvious things, like avoiding the tube and the exercise that allows me to consume a good curry and a regular cinnamon bun. I also like the social side of cycling; through Twitter and various bike shows I’ve made new friends and have enjoyed riding with one or two cycling clubs for longer rides out of London, something I plan to do more of with the new bike. I’ve also enjoyed investigating cycling gear. There are some great brands out there and I tend to dip into two or three when buying clothes for riding.

    How often do you ride?
    Every day! I ride to work via a couple of laps of Regent’s Park – I live in King’s Cross and work in Mayfair, so the couple of laps make it a little more worthwhile. At weekends I do longer rides, out to Richmond and various parts of Surrey or Hertfordshire, always ending at a café for coffee and a cinnamon bun.

    What’s your favourite cycle route or destination?
    I did a sportive last year in the New Forest. Although windy, I thoroughly enjoyed riding through the villages avoiding the ponies and enjoying the scenery. We’ve been back since, borrowing mountain bikes for riding the trails. My son really enjoyed finding as many puddles as possible, making sure he went in front so that I got the mud spray behind him!

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