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  • The Quiet Revolution

    Long gone are the days of clunky, old-school commuters. For many people the freedom and enjoyment of commuting has become a way of life;

    often these people talk less about the brand and more of the configuration and its application to their cycling needs. Our idea of an all-weather commuter companion would be a city hybrid that offered a relaxed geometry compatible with mudguards and a rear carrier. The frame and fork constructed from 7005 alloy helping to reduce the weight and give precise steering on challenging city streets.

    The bicycle would operate a clean Gates Carbon Drive belt system for low maintenance and fast pickup with hub gears – an obvious choice – at least eight, with a trigger shift. For all-weather commuters Shimano 447 hydraulic discs give safe stopping power in wet and dry conditions, coupled with
    700 x 35 continental tyres with anti-puncture strips.

    Look no further.

    A8 Carbon Drive A8 Carbon Drive
    G8 Carbon Drive G8 Carbon Drive

    Silent and strong - the A8 & G8

    A British-designed product, the Carbon Drive A8 and G8 belt bikes offer a superior, smooth, low maintenance and silent experience for the rider who wants the next-generation of bike. Clean, efficient and lightweight, the regular servicing occurrence of new chain, new cassette, even new chain wheels are a thing of the past. No oil, no mess, no fuss and lower running costs, while enjoying the silent, smooth operation of a modern solution to commuting.


  • Future Shifting


    Wilhelm XVIII Black Wilhelm XVIII Black

    At the heart of Schindelhauer’s new vanguard Wilhelm XVIII lays the Pinion P1.18 gearbox. 18 evenly spaced ratios, which make for a total gear range of 636 percent, outline the current pinnacle in shifting. Every gear conveys the immediacy of a single-speed transmission while the centrally mounted gearbox creates an evened-out balance. Equipped with exclusive CNC-machined disc brakes, Brooks saddle and Gates CenterTrack system, Wilhelm XVIII can be fully customised according to customers’ requests.


    Start shifting from scratch
    With the Pinion rotary shifter, both individual and multiple gear shifts can be made with split-second precision. The indexing of the shifting is at the gearbox, so it’s unaffected by stretched cables or damaged cable housings. The shifter is designed so that its contours are comfortable to hold, allowing bar and shifter to be safely covered at the same time with no risk of accidental shifts. The soft rubber coating and the raised ridges make the shifter secure and easy to use, even when wet. The shifter gives direct feedback when switching gears; the load on the chain and the force needed to shift directly relate to each other. You can sense immediately at the shifter the moment to shift gear so you learn fast shifting with a new Pinion gearbox in no time.

    Pinion-P1-18-gates-carbon Pinion-Shifter

    • 18 real gears with even steps of 11.5%

    • Overall Gear Ratio 636%. More than any derailleur system or hub gear

    • Lightning-fast shifting of any number of gears in any situation

    • Ride hard without worries. A sealed rugged housing protects the gearbox from dirt and damage

    • Extremely low maintenance. The transmission operates in an oil bath (using biodegradable oil) and is designed for a mileage of at least 60,000 km

    • Optimal weight distribution. A low centre of gravity and a light rear wheel improves handling, suspension and dynamics


    Well tested
    The Pinion gear P1.18 has completed all the practical tests, material tests and operational simulations to ensure maximum quality, reliability and service life. To ensure durability and performance at the highest level, real athletes were used to discover real-world peak forces. With this data Schindelhauer was able simulate the effects of many years of use under realistic conditions in a short time. Using automotive industry techniques and standards it has tested the complete gearbox, and each individual component, under repetitive use at extreme load.
    So when you take a new Pinion gearbox bike on the trails you can be assured that you will not be a guinea pig, but will be using a product you can rely on.

    Viktor_polar silver - lifestyle 10

    Berlin-based Schindelhauer Bikes is a German success story that has caused an international sensation. With perfect craftsmanship and breathtaking design solutions, Schindelhauer has not only gained the respect of the art geeks, but captured the heart of the aesthetes. “For four friends who come from a technical direction, this is a nice compliment,” says engineer and developer Jörg Schindelhauer, one of the original founders of the company – which bears his name - along with his business partner Martin Schellhase, designer Stephan Zehren and Manuel Holstein.

    It’s no wonder that the brand started to win awards for design from its very first year (2009). “Winning the award at the Designers’ Open design festival in Leipzig is a memory that will stay in all our minds for a long time,” says Jörg.

    Like its founder, Schindelhauer bikes are free from pretension.

    Favouring a minimalistic design, there is no overt branding, no bulky suspension, no seat clamp and a Gates Carbon Drive belt for reliable, low-maintenance and grease-free riding. “It is always easy to omit everything,” Martin Schellhase admits. “But to make something that is fully functional and fully equipped, challenged us quite a bit.”

    Lightskin seatposts Lightskin seatposts

    The Schindelhauer factory has been hard at work recently, with two new models to show for it. First, there is the Wilhelm XVIII Pinion drive, which Schindelhauer’s founder claims, “is the absolute best bike we’ve ever built. Personally, I actually favour single-speed riders – always. Yet the Wilhelm XVIII feels, despite its 18 gears, like a single speed”.

    Alternatively, there is the Hektor frame, pitched to cycling fans as the core around which to build a perfectly tailored racing machine and which Jörg describes as, “edgy, and at its heart a driving machine. You can sit on it and really go flat out. It’s a great one to ride through the streets of Berlin as it enables me to go faster than the motorists”.

    The most irritating thing for the engineer and developer about urban cycling is the lack of dedicated cycle lanes: “In my opinion bike paths do not belong on the sidewalk, but rather on the road. That said, poor road conditions such as cobblestones are, naturally, totally annoying.” He also admits to riding without a helmet, feeling that there is simply ‘no need’.

    There are nine different models to choose from: Siegfried, Viktor, Ludwig, Lotte, Friedrich, Frieda ThinBike, Hektor and Wilhelm. Wilhelm, formerly the Ludwig XVIII, sees the birth of a new Schindelhauer family. In addition to the Pinion 18, Schindelhauer have added the 9 and the 12 to the Wilhelm family.

    Viktor Viktor

    Nicknamed ‘The Purist’, a minimalist city bike, Viktor features track inspired geometry with clean lines and an aluminium single speed/flip-flop hub. Weighing 8.2kg with quality components and a belt drive, this low maintenance single speed bike that won’t let you down. Available in Matt Black and Polar Silver finishes.

    Friedrich Friedrich

    Perfect for everyone, Friedrich comes off the shelf with super light Curana mudguards, Supernova high-end illumination and a sleek rack by lightweight-specialist Tubus. Stress free propulsion is provided via the well-attuned duo of Shimano Alfine 8 with Gates centre track track. Colour choices include Alu Pure, Cream White and Midnight Blue.

    Lotte in Alu Pure Lotte in Alu Pure

    The Ladies model is called Lotte and is described as a bit of a charmer, once again featuring a maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive, along with an eight-gear hub. Whether on a weekend bike tour or cutting a dash through a trendy neighbourhood, the sporty yet comfortable Lotte will be your willing accomplice.

    ThinBike wall mount 04

    The concept behind the slim line ThinBike is to provide a full-size bicycle with inventive and elegant solutions capable of navigating inner-city traffic. Folding handlebar and pedals offer an easy storage solution in your home. It even comes with a wall mount by Berlin based design studio MIKILI.
    More recently Schindelhauer recieved a Red Dot Design Award and separate iF Gold Product Design Award for 2014 for its ‘ThinBike’. It would seem the boast is that our bikes offer a number of outstanding properties, freedom from maintenance, durability and reliability” is a far from idle one ThinBike has an integrated tail-light and a bell built into the brake lever. The inclusion of a Gates Carbon Drive combined with a two-gear hub makes this bike an obvious choice for city life. A low stand-over height also makes the one-size-fits-all ThinBike a stylish companion for ladies. Available in either Matt Black or White.

    Hektor 12 Hektor track frameset

    Hektor - track frameset
    As at home in the Velodrome as it is on the road, the Hektor frameset is the core around which to build a perfectly tailored racing machine. Stiff, aggressive, and palpably craving speed, yet nonetheless supple and dynamic, the Hektor features Schindelhauer’s exclusive LowPro geometry to deliver an agile, balanced, and comfortable ride, for those who bring the challenge on themselves.
    The sculpted seams are welded from large volume, triple-butted, aero tubes for a highly stiff, tuned frameset, described as the pinnacle of meticulous design and expert craftsmanship. Comprised of frame, fork, and headset, it’s 100% compatible with the Gates Carbon Drive.

    Siegfried Siegfried

    A fusion between modern technology and contemporary but timeless design. Pair its Gates Carbon Belt Drive with a classic Brooks leather saddle and one gear is all that’s required to conquer the city. Speed for miles through bumper-to-bumper traffic in an athletic upright position, and avoid suffering a stiff neck while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green.

    Ludwig VIII Ludwig VIII

    Ludwig VIII
    The Ludwig VIII is pitched as the perfect companion for a weekend getaway, featuring an adjusted 8-speed system, Gates Carbon belt Drive and guaranteeing a relaxing and maintenance free bike ride. A great value touring bike with oodles of class.


    Ludwig XI - sportiveness and comfort
    To achieve this, Schindelhauer took the geometry of their tough singlespeed frame and carefully modified it by relocating the bottom bracket slightly lower and applying an extended head tube and fork to compensate for the increased saddle height. The extensive gear spread of the fully enclosed, Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub gear combined with classic components ensure an agile and smooth bike ride.

    Ludwig XIV - details 12 Ludwig XIV - details 08

    Ludwig XIV
    As it sounds, the Ludwig XIV boasts a 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub, combining the fuss free reliability of a belt drive with the efficiency of the Rohloff gear shift. What’s more it can be customised to suit your personal tastes when it comes to colour of the frame, choice of mudguards and seat post. Some say it’s as sturdy and steadfast as a mountain goat.

  • An Absolute Belter


    For over a Century, Gates has told us to belt up… by which we mean provide the mechanism to turn wheels, of course. Now, its Gates Carbon Drive belt is taking the next evolutionary step in cycling


    How many of us have dismounted from a bike and inspected a dark smear across our shins, the result of a greasy chain. Such laundry traumas are now a thing of the past, thanks to the revolutionary Carbon Drive belt from Gates, a manufacturer that has a history of innovation stretching back over 100 years (it celebrated its Centenary in 2011).

    Break free of the chain
    Consisting of two metal sprockets and a high-strength belt embedded with carbon fibre cords, Gates Carbon Drive is a low-maintenance, chain-replacing technology. Carbon Drive requires no grease, weighs less than a chain and will not stretch. Due to its low maintenance and cleanliness, Carbon Drive is a technology that makes it easier for people to get on bikes.

    Exemplifying Gates’ tag line of ‘Cycling Simplified’, Carbon Drive is hassle free. While keeping body parts and clothing away from the drive system when in motion is still a necessity, its clever Carbon Drive can be simply washed with water. There’s no ‘clank’ of a chain when your foot makes contact with the pedal either; the Gates Carbon Drive is being pitched as the clean, quiet, light and strong cycling solution. Allowing you to get on with the business of enjoying your bike, you could say it’s a ‘belter’ of an idea.

    Available on more than 200 bikes and compatible with single-speed or internally geared hubs available from the major cycle manufacturers, the Carbon Drive works with road bikes, commuter bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes and even tandem bikes. Gates Carbon Drive is compatible with all the leading internally geared hubs (IGH), as well as the leading e-bike motors. Shimano Alfine Di2 electronic shifting compatibility is further offered. The result is less noise, less maintenance and a whole lot more fun – leaving you free to simply enjoy the smoothness of the ride.

    Gates_ 100440-A

    Bikes with Drive; riders with passion
    Gates Corporation is the leading supplier of belts for automotive and industrial uses worldwide. Every Harley Davidson motorcycles run on a Gates belt. It was the experience with Harley, and also the Strida folding bicycles, that led Gates in 2007 to launch Gates Carbon Drive as a way to bring the advantages of belts to bicycles. With its trademarked ‘carbon blue’ detailing, the Carbon Drive system is currently causing something of a sensation.

    The technology has already allowed cyclists from the UK to achieve some amazing feats.
    Reza Pakravan recently rode 11,000 miles from the Arctic Circle to South Africa, and in 2009 James Bowthorpe bicycled around the world on just two belts, at the time setting a new world record for the fastest ride.

    Though Reza’s ride was dangerous and difficult, fortunately one aspect was painless: his bike, a Koga Signature World Traveller with Rohloff internally geared hub and Gates Carbon Drive. Incredibly the London cyclist completed the 11,000 trek on just one belt, with no maintenance, cleaning or lubrication required, being all the more remarkable as Reza tells us that everything that could go wrong, did: “In Scandinavia there was 14 hours of torrential rain and in Russia, eight tyre punctures in 24 hours. In Egypt we got caught up in the Muslim Brotherhood protests and had to have police escorts; in Ethiopia I got food poisoning; then in Nairobi I was diagnosed with malaria. In Tanzania we ran out of water in the desert.”

    Despite his travails, there was one thing Reza Pakravan felt he could truly rely on: his Gates Carbon Drive. “With the Gates belt drive the most obvious benefit is that you don’t need to get your hands dirty.
    My riding partner, Steven, was riding a bike with a derailleur and chain, and he had to change three chains. Each time he had a puncture he had the hassle with the greasy chain and derailleur. I would just unscrew a nut, fix the puncture and go! The belt was amazing. At the end of every day I would put my bike away while Steven had to clean off the dust and oil on his chain.”

    Cyclist James Bowthorpe also relied on Gates’ technology to achieve his own incredible 18,000-mile cycling feat: “I didn’t have to lubricate the belt or do any maintenance. I didn’t alter the tension on the belt for the whole 18,000 miles.” James combined the Gates Drive with a Rohloff internal hub, which proved a real attention grabber. “It got lots of looks everywhere I went. When I was in India there were groups of men who would stand around and check it out and ask lots of questions. People are so used to seeing chains. Everyone was really curious.”

    The cyclist calculates that using a belt rather than a chain saved him roughly a day, as he didn’t have to change a chain five or six times when on the road. “It was nice not to have to worry,” he says. “I reckon belts are the future. Anything that makes cycling easier and simpler is a great innovation.”

    Ludwig XIV - lifestyle 11

    Plenty of options
    At Velorution we offer our customers an exciting range of cycles equipped with the revolutionary low-maintenance Gates Carbon Drive, so you can try out the technology today.

    We are proud to be Gates UK distributor and a Schindelhauer’s number one dealer. Schindelhauer, winner of the Red Dot Best of the Best design award for 2014 and also a Gold winner in the iF Product Design Awards.

    The adoption of the Gates Carbon Drive gets to the very heart of Schindelhauer’s philosophy for its own bikes. Namely that they are absolutely maintenance free, free from superfluous details, yet built with robust components that are essential for tough daily usage. Within the stylishly sleek Schindelhauer range are fixed-gear, single-speed, two, eight, nine (Pinion), eleven, twelve (Pinion), fourteen and eighteen (Pinion)-gear bikes. Again, in combination with a Gates Carbon Drive belt a relaxing, low noise, fuss-free ride is guaranteed, whether you’re looking to commute into work and back, to get sporty, or for a companion to escape with for the weekend. Other Velorution bikes using belt drive systems include the Roux A8 and G8 commuter bikes, and the iconic Strida folding bike.

    Pioneer 26

    Touring bikes from Van Nicholas also more than make the grade, likewise incorporating the Gates Carbon Drive into their setup. Models stocked by Velorution include the Pioneer Rohloff 29ER, Amazon Rohloff and Yukon Rohloff. As its name suggests, the Pioneer Rohloff 29ER is a ‘go anywhere’ bike with 29-inch wheels. The thinking behind the inclusion of the Gates belt was to ensure maintenance-free, smooth-rolling adventures off the beaten track. Aside from the intrinsic inclusion of the Gates Carbon Drive, the fast-paced Amazon Rohloff touring bike features an award-winning 14-gear Rohloff hub for smooth, almost unnoticeable shifting and much lower overall maintenance. Designed to enable its rider to commute, tour or race long distance with confidence, the Yukon Rohloff promises to deliver day-long comfort. The frame provides agility, while the Rohloff hub and Gates belt once again guarantee a hassle-free performance.

    Seek out a Gates Carbon Drive, and join the cycling revolution!

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