1. That Little Bit of Momentum

    That Little Bit of Momentum
    Momentum Electric is brand born out of both passion and practicality, creating electric bikes that adhere to its five core values: simple, efficient, value, improve and joy. We passionately believe that the electric bicycle is a practical way of getting around and should be as accessible as possible,” says Momentum Electric’s Andreas Törpsch, who is the driving force behind the...
  2. Simply Electric

    Simply Electric
    Mixing style with practicality and portability, the Gocycle G2 is your go anywhere, take anywhere, electric bike that comes with its own clever ‘app’… ‘G’ whizz indeed! Words by GAVIN STOKER Electric bikes don’t have to be clunky beasts, as proved by the sleek and inspirational Gocycle G2. It’s powered by a long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery pack, which provides a...

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