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  • Down in the Hood


    US made rain capes for people in liveable cities.

    Where did the idea for Cleverhood come from?
    Founder Susan Mocarski was inspired during a family trip to Copenhagen. They were planning to use bikes, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Many people were using umbrellas on their bikes, but the Mocarski family opted for plastic covers. Back in Providence, Rhode Island, there was more rain and three dogs to walk. Handling an umbrella with three dogs on leads is as a difficult as riding a bike with one. With a background in art and design, Susan decided to come up with her own cape idea and Cleverhood was born.

    Ramsay de Give for Cleverhood Ramsay de Give for Cleverhood

    Why did the company decide to create the Cleverhood for bikers?
    The beauty of the Cleverhood is that it’s not specifically for bikers. The Cleverhood is designed as a smart fashion alternative for people in cities who use a bike to get around.


    What elements does the Cleverhood have that specifically benefits bikers?
    The Cleverhood forms a cover over your body when you’re riding a bike. It has elastic thumb loops that keep it secure in the front and Velcro trim tabs for the sides. All Cleverhoods have reflective properties. The hood is designed to fit under a bike helmet, and to optimise peripheral vision. There are magnet clasps on the armholes that snap shut automatically. Cleverhoods are designed for both style and performance.
    They have to work in tough weather for people on bikes without looking like bike apparel.
    We carefully select fabrics that are waterproof and stylishly distinctive and through a lot of research we’ve been able to find wonderfully skilled workers to make the Hoods.


    What kind of response have you received from the biking community?
    A tremendously positive one. Forbes listed Cleverhood in its ‘Best Holiday Gifts for Cyclists’ list in December. Our news coverage includes Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Vice and Vogue. We’ve been reviewed by some of the best bloggers from all over the world.

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