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  1. Velorutionaries - Tracy Griffith

    Velorutionaries - Tracy Griffith
    What do you do for a living? Sushi chef, artist, writer. I travel the world as sushi chef, promoting my sushi cookbooks, and my innovative sushi and wraps made in the US (newgemfoods. com). I’m also a resin painter, including animal skulls & horns, with my first London show coming up this fall at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery. What are you...
  2. Velorutionaries - Valerie Leipheimer

    Velorutionaries - Valerie Leipheimer
    What do you do for a living? I’m a tax lawyer, and currently act as Head of Tax and Transfer Pricing for a fund manager based principally in Bermuda. I work in our London offices in Marylebone. What are you passionate about? I’ve always been passionate about art and dance. These days find myself becoming more and more political. I...
  3. Velorutionary - Guy House

    Velorutionary - Guy House
    What do you do for a living? I’m a Property Underwriter at Lloyd’s of London specialising in US markets. What are you passionate about? Food! I love it! Primarily eating. That pushed my enthusiasm to cook it properly, conjuring up meals for friends is always a joy. London has a multi- cultural outlook on food, whether it be fine dining...
  4. Velorutionary - Andrew Fortune

    Velorutionary - Andrew Fortune
    Andrew Fortune What do you do for a living? I am practising as an architect in London, designing homes for those who don't cycle! How long have you been a cyclist? I don't remember a time I didn't cycle, stabilisers are still a memory. Having experienced competitive cycling in bmx, road racing and mountain biking, there is nothing more rewarding than...
  5. Velorutionary - Graham Gilmour

    Velorutionary - Graham Gilmour
    What do you do for a living? I’m an Architect. When I make formal introductions, I say ‘Graham Gilmour: Architect, Chef, Long Distance Cyclist and Swimmer’. I think it paints a clearer picture. Currently I’m involved with a variety of projects, in London, ranging in scale from the Thames Tideway Tunnel infrastructure, to a sports facilities building in a West...
  6. Velorutionary - Dan Newman

    Velorutionary - Dan Newman
    Dan Newman, Crouch End 13.05.2016 What do you do for a living? I’m retired. I used to teach languages and before that I tted out hotels. Now I divide my time between volunteering at a couple of small charities, having fun with my family, sitting on the board of a couple of small companies and singing in a choir...
  7. Velorutionary - Arlene Leis

    Velorutionary - Arlene Leis
    What do you do for a living? I’m a freelance Art Historian, but I have my fingers in some other projects too. What are you passionate about? My research. I’ve recently developed my doctoral thesis into a first draft manuscript. It focuses on a massive collection of ephemera (admission tickets, playbills, trade cards, political caricatures and satires, visitor cards, newspaper...
  8. Bike Soup - 10 Best Gates Carbon Belt Drive Bikes

    Bike Soup - 10 Best Gates Carbon Belt Drive Bikes
    Bike Soup the online marketplace for new and used bikes have reviewed some of the very best in belt drive bikes for there online publication. Check out their thoughts on Schindelhauer and Lios bikes.  Full Article here.
  9. Future Shifting

    Future Shifting
    Wilhelm XVIII Black At the heart of Schindelhauer’s new vanguard Wilhelm XVIII lays the Pinion P1.18 gearbox. 18 evenly spaced ratios, which make for a total gear range of 636 percent, outline the current pinnacle in shifting. Every gear conveys the immediacy of a single-speed transmission while the centrally mounted gearbox creates an evened-out balance. Equipped with exclusive CNC-machined...
  10. Velorutionary - Natalie Morton

    Velorutionary - Natalie Morton
    Natalie Morton.     What do you do for a living? I’m a News and Documentary filmmaker for the BBC, specialising in investigative journalism. For the last eighteen months I have been working in some of the World’s most toxic war zones – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza. I’ve also travelled to Iran, Tajikistan and Belarus this year. How...
  11. Velorutionary - Soheb Panja

    Velorutionary - Soheb Panja
    Soheb Panja.       Soheb came into our store having sold his road bike on eBay after, in his own words, “failing to embrace the necessary maintenance and lycra that it required”. He also had a six-year-old folding bike that he felt wouldn’t withstand the pressure of a longer commute. So he was looking for a new bike...

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