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  1. Moulton Speed

  2. Moulton SST 11 Alfine

  3. Schindelhauer Siegfried

    Street Perfection with Schindelhauer's front Rack equipped Siegfried
  4. Velorution Moulton AM Builds

    Velorution Moulton AM Builds
    These are some of the examples of our recent customer builds of AM Moulton Bikes: Moulton Jubilee 105 Moulton Marathon Moulton separable speed
  5. What a bell.

    What a bell.
    The Spur Cycle bell is the most desirable bell we have ever had. The elegant simple design has a sound that truly resonates with you and adds a true bit of class to your handlebar.
  6. Bike Soup - 10 Best Gates Carbon Belt Drive Bikes

    Bike Soup - 10 Best Gates Carbon Belt Drive Bikes
    Bike Soup the online marketplace for new and used bikes have reviewed some of the very best in belt drive bikes for there online publication. Check out their thoughts on Schindelhauer and Lios bikes.  Full Article here.
  7. Brompton Nickel Edition

    Brompton Nickel Edition
    The Nickel Edition, is Brompton’s most premium bike to date with a production run of 1,500 bikes for 2016. The Nickel Edition is now available at Velorution, with each of this limited run of bikes sequentially numbered for added exclusivity. It is made from polished 50 micron high-phosphorus electroless nickel plating and is Brompton’s most advanced finish to date with...
  8. Huez* Cycle Wear now in store

    Huez* Cycle Wear now in store
    We have just received our first delivery of Huez* cycle wear We both see a future where bicycles are the most popular way to get around. A world where modern sportswear is so enriched with technology, that people are able to live in style and be more healthy than ever before. Huez* clothing, has drawn inspiration from the most amazing...
  9. Cooper Bikes

    Cooper Bikes
    Decades of engineering expertise and a passion for stylish, urban design – this is what the COOPER brand stands for. In 1946 Charles Cooper together with his son John founded the Cooper Car Company.  The passionate thinkers had one major goal: they wanted to produce pure bred, no-frills racing cars. After their glorious Formula 1 World Championship titles in 1959...
  10. Klaxon and Zehus - Hub Motors of the Future

    Klaxon and Zehus - Hub Motors of the Future
    We first saw the Zehus hub at Eurobike this year and were blown away by the technology. A brushless motor, battery, electronics and sensors, all contained within the hub. With a capacity of 160Wh and a weight of just 3kg, it really is an impressive unit. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your smartphone (iOS and Android supported) to your...
  11. Electric Bike Review - Biomega NYC Di2

    Electric Bike Review - Biomega NYC Di2
    This is not an electric bike. So what’s it doing here? Well, the Biomega NYC 8 speed incorporates a feature that is rarely seen on electric bikes - electronic gearing. We thought we’d take a look... (there is another reason for looking at the Biomega, but you’ll have to read on til the end to find out why...) Electronic gearing...
  12. Bern Unlimited

    Bern Unlimited
    ‘Our goal is to make it cool to wear a helmet’ You don’t have to sacrifice style when you wear one, says Dennis Leedom, of helmet maker Bern Unlimited Where did it all begin? I began working in the early nineties with a brand called Boeri from Italy. A friend I worked with wore a Boeri helmet as a kid in the...

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