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  • Lake CX 237 Carbon Twin Road Shoes - Boa Blue, 42

    With a profile specifically designed for very high-cadence riding and higher pressure, our Competition last features a more curved profile than the Sport last. The main differences include increased toe pitch and heel lift, a tighter heel & a slightly wider ball girth to allow the foot to expand under high pedaling pressures. Learn More

  • Lake CX 237 Road Shoes

    The higher cadence and longer ride times which characterise road cycling require excellent foot control to avoid hot-spots & numbness. With a much closer fit than any of our off-road lasts, our Sport last cradles the foot securely to prevent any unwanted movement. This last features a precisely fitted toe-box, high arch and mid width ball girth. Learn More
  • Lake CX 402 Road Shoes - White / Black, 43

    Featuring a slightly narrower toe box and tighter heel than the Competition last and less overall volume than the Sport last. Designed for very high-cadence riding and higher pressure and a slimmer fit. Learn More

3 Item(s)

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