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Independent Fabrication has been making bikes for over 30 years, initially as Fat City Cycles in Somerville before reforming in 1995 as IF. Initially they were known for their steel mountain bike; the Steel Deluxe. Not long after they branched out into bikes with skinnier tyres and the Crown Jewel and the Planet Cross soon followed. The steel range has expanded further now to include a classic winter bike in the Club Racer, the climbers dream in the Factory Lightweight and the sprinters special SSR.

Not tied down to one material Independent Fabrication have now expanded into using titanium and carbon fibre, even going as far as blending the two together in one frame, with the XS. This doesn’t mean they’re stuck in the past, the Corvid has won numerous awards for it’s all carbon construction and they recently brought the XS bang up to date with an oversized disc brake compatible model.

One of the things we love the most about Independent Fabrication is that every bike is custom. We’ve been dealing with IF for nearly ten years now and we can safely say that there is no stock bike. The custom geometry is more than just numbers off a jig; IF take into account your weight, riding style, climbing position, descending confidence, the list goes on. Each one is fully custom made for the rider and custom painted to boot. There is no limit but your imagination. You can see some examples of their custom paint, including the current colour palette in the IF Blog.

Each IF comes to us as a frame but we work with you, to review your requirements and help create the perfect complete bike.

If you would like to custom build your bespoke Independent Fabrication, please call or email