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More than just a cargo bike

The muli sets new standards in compactness. With a length of only 195 cm it is just as long as a normal bicycle. But that's not enough, as the large 100-litre basket can be folded down to a width of only 28 cm.

So the muli is both a cargobike and everyday bike in one!

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  • Muli Cargo Bike M18 - Matt Black

    The muli is a new type of bicycle especially fitted to urban use. Not only in Germany peoples' lives increasingly focus on the cities. Urban life in fast, spontaneous and vivid and is confined to a very narrow space. The muli is especially designed for this kind of life. It is on the one hand a cargo bike with a lowly positioned cargo basket of 90l capacity, in which you can transport children to the kindergarten, large grocery shopping back home, bbq, charcoal and camping chairs or dog to the park, laundry piles to the laundromat, or huge parcels to the post office. On the other hand, with a folded basket it is a super quick and flexible bicycle for daily life. A total length of only 195cm and a width of 28cm enables you to use the entire bicycle infrastructure with your muli. It fits into every bicycle stand and bicycle cellar, you can carry it up the stairs and take it with you on the train, and it even fits onto a car carrier rack without any problems, so that you can take it with you on vacation. Learn More

  • Muli Child Seat

    The muli child seat is just as flexible as the muli itself. Thanks to the ingenious hanging system the seat perfectly cushions road shocks and can be installed both in and against the direction of travel.


    The bicycle is mostly used for transporting small children through the city: to the kindergarten in the morning, to the playing ground in the afternoon, or to a picnic in the park at the weekend.

    With your muli they can accompany you in a perfectly safe and comfortable way, for the muli child seat is not a hard bench but a hanging seat from solid textile with a robust, cushioned backrest. Due to the hanger on two aluminium bars, which at the same time firmly fixate the entire aluminium basket, the seat cushions road shocks perfectly.

    Two children find space in the seat and can ride along both in and against the direction of travel, so that they can either watch their parents or the surroundings. They are comfortably strapped with a three-point-belt each, which can be height-adjusted. The maximum capacity for the seat is 40kg.

    Once the children have been dropped off at the kindergarten, the seat is quickly disassembled, folded, and tucked into the basket, so that your bag fits into it, you can fold the basket, and you can carry on to work in rapid pace.

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  • Muli Rain Cover

    The specially developed rain cover protects the children and other "precious cargo" from outside weather influences and guarantees a pleasant and relaxed ride.


    The muli is an everyday bike and thus a constant companion in the daily routine. Since the weather is not always as good as you would like it to be, reliable all-weather protection for the foldable basket is an important factor. Regardless of whether it is rain, wind or sun... the specially developed rain cover protects the children and other "precious cargo" from external weather influences and thus guarantees a pleasant and relaxed ride.

    The high-quality Canopy is not only very weatherproof and robust, but also guarantees an extremely flexible application. When the rain canopy is closed, large viewing windows allow a clear view in all directions and constant visual contact with the children. When the rain subsides, you simply open the roof completely with the all-round zipper and create a genuine convertible feeling. Loading the load wheel is also child's play. On particularly sunny days, the side windows can be conveniently rolled up. On the one hand, the passenger compartment is ventilated and on the other hand, the UV-resistant roof protects the children from the sun's rays.

    The solid basis of the rain hood is a robust and reliable aluminium frame. Quickly put together, easy to assemble and stowed safely and compactly in the accompanying bag, the muli rain cover is now always on board!

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