“Based in San Francisco Bay Area we love the year round riding weather here and the strong bike culture. It’s a great place to live and cultivate new ideas.”
Practical, durable, comfortable, affordable… these are the primary forces shaping Soma’s ideology. But why do so many other companies try to emulate the racing world when it’s the smallest segment of the market? Our local bike shops have felt a lack of ‘real’ products aimed at the everyday cyclist and occasionally pitch their ideas at us. The results: A better tyre lever, water bottles that don’t taste like plastic, and steel frames that got people smiling from the commute to the singletrack.
Using a bike to commute, errands, for fitness, or just for the joy of riding.
What matters is the equipment needs aren’t ordinary. Soma customers have a product that is versatile, tough, long-lasting, reasonably priced and improves their cycling lifestyle.
Our customers desire the freedom of customisation– for performance reasons and for expressive reasons, but none of them want to end up eating Top Ramen for a year to get a great bike. Durability means a Better Deal:
A bike that you can keep riding longer means your money is going further. Since 2007, we have been exclusively using Tange Prestige butted CrMo steel. Tange’s heat-treatment process lets us offer our strongest frames ever, but still at a fair price. And the ride is lively and smooth like butter.
Keeping it Simple
Fun is not complicated. Why should our frames be? No weird geometries, just what we would like to ride. As for colours and graphics, we have made a conscious choice to avoid “race-inspired” billboard-style logos.
Individuality Made Affordable

Each IF comes to us as a frame but we work with you, to review your requirements and help create the perfect complete bike.

If you would like to custom build your bespoke Independent Fabrication, please call or email info@velorution.com