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  • Pelago Bullhorn Handlebar

    Pelago Bullhorn is a forward leaning handlebar that gives a very aerodynamic riding position. It has a stem clamp of 25,4 mm. Learn More

  • Pelago Outback Handlebar

    The Outback handlebar is designed as a replacement handlebar to our bikes to give a more balanced and sportive riding position. Compared to the standard Parisian handlebar, Outback pushes hands a few centimeters further, to lean the riders weight more to the front wheel. This is useful for those people who are used to riding with MTB bikes, but the Outback is also a great handlebar for touring bikes with front panniers or front load. Learn More
  • Pelago Parisian Handlebar

    Pelago Parisian handlebar provides a relaxed, upright riding position, which we feel is the most suitable for riding in the urban environment. The bars are made of aluminium and have room for brake levers, gear shifters and grips. The width of the bar is 55cm. The 30mm low-rise model comes standard with Pelago Hanko, Airisto and Capri bicycles. The 60mm high-rise model comes standard with Brooklyn and Bristol models. The higher the bars, the more upright the riding position is. Learn More
  • Pelago Riser Handlebar

    Pelago Riser handlebar is available in two versions with a rise of 4 and 8 cm. Learn More
  • Schindelhauer Handlebar Bull Horn

    Get horny. The Schindelhauer Bullhorn Handlebar puts the rider in a suitable position to combine dynamism and clarity for a heads up performance position. The 395 mm width ensures a slim silhouette against the wind or through a narrow gap. The flattened tops offer a comfortable ergonomic hand position, while the triple butted alloy brings together active stiffness and light weight. The clamp is finished in oversize dimension, and available in polished silver and matt black. Learn More
  • Schindelhauer Handlebar Noirette

    Shapely and versatile: The Schindelhauer Noirette handlebar combines a classic handlebar shape with a modern design. Used as a "Stuttgarter" interpretation when mounted upright, a simple turn of the Noirette creates a sporty drop bar reminiscent of the half drop bars of racing’s past. Fashionable in either position, and available with oversize clamp in polished silver. Learn More
  • Schindelhauer Handlebar Stem Combo

    Function meets minimalism: Our integrated handlebar stem is understated, yet eye-catching with its flat-angled stem and discreetly-hidden clamp firmly TIG-welded to a slight riser handlebar. This component system saves weight while achieving maximum stiffness. Learn More

  • Schindelhauer Handlebar Track

    Sprint with Confidence: The Schindelhauer Track Bar ensures an uncompromisingly low sprint position with a 148 mm drop and only 370 mm width to deliver you directly into the slipstream. With a straight section between the stem clamp and lower drops, we save weight and increase stiffness. Likewise, the triple butted tubing reduces weight while providing the right flex for an electric sprint sensation. With oversize clamp, and available in polished silver or black matt. Learn More
  • Strida M-Shaped Handle Bar Kit inc. Brown Grips

    Strida M-Shaped Handle Bar Kit inc. Brown Grips Learn More

9 Item(s)

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