Schindelhauer Ludwig VIII

Are you on the look-out for a superb companion to es-cape for the weekend? Ludwig is the right choice to bring you to your desired destination with great value, class and a positive attitude to life. With his adjusted 8-speed system Ludwig is more than ready to take up every challenge of a bike ride. Besides, he makes you look one’s best relaxing with a pint of lager in your de-sired beer garden. In terms of reliability he overshad-ows everything. Gates Carbon Drive™ belt combined with the 8-speed hub gear guarantees a maintenance-free and relaxing bike ride. 

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The geometric shapes of our bikes have their roots in the track sport and in the world of cycle curriers which speed for miles through bumper-to-bumper traffic. We carefully modified the shape of our bikes so as to combine comfort and agility. The outcome is an athletic upright posture that guarantees you to fully keep track on the road. Besides, you won’t suffer from a stiff neck again while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green.

Belt Port:
Changing your drive belt is done easi-ly by the patent pending SBP. A fixed connection between seat and chain stay is achieved by applying a posi-tively spool piece in wave form. By using a continuous screw connecting all components, the original stiff state is restored and it looks like as though nothing has ever been altered. more about the belt port 

Alfine 8-gear hub:
Ludwig and Lotte are equipped with a Shimano 8-gear hub. A king pin incli-nation of about 307% offers enough leeway even for undergoing extensive bike rides with climbs and tail wind passages. The pawls free freewheel of the low maintenance hub are ultra-silent and suit the quiet belt drive perfectly. Engaging gears is done easily and precisely by using the Rapidfire-shifter. 

Belt clamping system:
Two guided slides serve as the at-tachment for the rear-wheel. By use of the forward tilted opening axis mounts the belt is brought automati-cally into its initial preset tension while wheel mounting. A finely brushed stainless steel plate covers all clamping screws which fix the slides into place. Despite the concentration of technology in such a confined spaces, we have achieved a clean look. Two adjusting screws serve for the adjustment of the belt tension and the alignment of the rear-wheel

Drive Belt System:
The Gates Carbon Drive™ tooth belt is a revolutionary bicycle power trans-mission technology which is due to the embedded carbon fibres very strong and efficient. With its zero maintenance and running perfor-mance higher than 20,000km it out-shines every bicycle chain. The ab-sence of oil and grease keeps your trousers clean. In addition the belt is extremely quite and incredibly light

Aluminium frame:
All frames are hand-welded and made from high quality 6061 aluminum. A maximum stiffness is achieved by T6- hot-age hardening every single frame. The Aero-tube set is triple butted and is a perfect balance between lightweight design and durability. Af-ter welding the tubes by using the TIG welding process, every single weld is highly polished. The “smooth-welding” not only makes a good visual im- pression, but also alleviates the stress concentration and improves the fa-tigue strength of the frame

Hollowtech crankset:
The Shimano Alfine crankset is excel-lently suited for applying the drive belt system. For this purpose both the hollow axis and external inner bear-ings make their contribution towards achieving the essential stiffness which the belt demands. The crank outlines as visual highlight and further distinguishes the style of the bike. An-other good reason represents the pre-cise belt line achieved by the fixed stop of that structure. 

Saddle made by Brooks:
B 17 Aged is in a class of its own- pure sensation of classic. For cen-turies bike-connaisseurs appreciate the in England made core leather sad-dle. Once the saddle is broken in for real, he provides a lifelong service, even if accompanying you to the end of the earth. The B 17 is regarded as the perfect touring saddle. The leather undergoes Brooks own pre-ag-ing method which reduces the break-in period to a minimum. Almost right from the start you will enjoy a great seating comfort. 

Ergonomic handpedals:
The ergonomic shaped handpedals provide a direct link to your wheel and make every single ride a pure delight. The big locating surfaces provide a maximum feeling of comfort due to a well balanced pressure distribution. Both handpedals are securely clamped and kept twist-proof at the handlebar by clamping rings. The brown shining core leather lies comfortable in the hand and reflects the saddle color. In that way design and functionality are perfectly united all over again

Integrated headset:
The main thrust of all Schindelhauer Bikes is reduction by means of system integration. Even the headset won’t be spared. The cartridge chamber made by Tange is fully integrated and shines due to the waist shaped head tube. The entire bike seems to be flawless due to the smooth transition of bicycle fork and stem. Besides, the bearings are optimal protected against dust and debris. 

The ultra-light Dual-Pivot road bike brakes with side-pull go perfectly with the classic design of our bikes. Forged aluminum is used to manufac-ture the brake arms. Optimal delay in dry and wet conditions is achieved by applying angle adjusted brake pads. The easy to handle quick release makes disassembling your carrying wheels a piece of cake.

Continental City Ride tire:
The Continental City Ride tire is abso-lutely burst proof. Continental is pro-foundly convinced of it that they pro-vide you with a 1-year SafetySystem guarantee. The tire has a uniform center belt assembly that gives you a smooth ride without sacrificing speed. The fine sipes guarantee grip in curves and on loose surfaces. There is absolutely no need for any spoke re-flectors due to mounted reflector stripes located on the tire wall.

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Brand Schindelhauer
handlebar N/A
Wheel Size 28 inch
Fixie or Freewheel No
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