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We love these new Brooks bags - stylish,functional and looking great not only on the bike but for every occasion. We are a Brooks 6 rivet dealer and have every product on display.

ladies bikes

If you have ever visited the Velorution store you will know that we really pride ourselves in the most fabulous collection of ladies bikes from the world's greatest boutique bike builders. With prices starting from as little as £350, now is a great time to ride and own one of these nimble cruisers.



The new Lezyne range of lights are the most stylish and best value we could find.Lezyne has been developing LED lights and again sets new standards in design and function. A team of 9 in-house product designers and engineers are work under the lead of Micki Kozuschek. All Lezyne LED’s are tested in Lezyne’s own integrating sphere, an instrument used to measure the lumen output. Lezyne also developed their own lenses.

van nicholas

Titanium bikes are the perfect solution not just for winter but for the whole year round. From Van Nicholas we have road, touring , city and mountain bikes. @ Velorution we have a huge selection of  titanium bikes in stock for you to try from as little as £1699.

The Moulton Bicycle is the original full-suspension, separable, small-wheeled, high performance bicycle, world renowned for speed, efficiency, durability and comfort. Expertly engineered for over 50 years and handcrafted in England, these bicycles are the world's most efficient form of transport - designed for universal use, real performance and comfort. We have a great selection at Velorution for you to try,
starting at only £995 for a TSR2.

electric bikes

At Velorution we pride ourselves on having the largest selection of E-bikes in Central London. Electric bikes are a great solution to those who want to cycle around town, but need a little assistance up those tricky hills or that extra mile. We welcome you to come to Velorution at 88 Great Portland Street and test ride the future of urban transport, and see what a great experience it is to ride an electric bike around the capital.


folding bikes


we have a huge range of folders in stock from some of the world's most innovative designers. Featured are British designer Mark Sanders' iconic award winning Strida Bikes, which sell from as little as £499.00. Next up, the Airnimal Joey 24" folder, made in Cambridge, is a versatile bike that has a sporty performance, but is also easy to fit into a modern lifestyle where space and time are often at a premium. An ideal choice for cycling holidays. The Montague range of full size folders provide all the performance you would expect from a mountain bike and an urban cruiser, and are terrific value starting at £599. Last but by no means least, British designed Kansi bikes have also become a firm favourite with Velorutionaries, offering single, 3 speed and 9 speed models in their range.



Distinctive urban outerwear for the rain-or-shine approach to life, 
the Cleverhood is built for the demanding requirements of the urban lifestyle.
That means strong, dependable zippers, smart features and heavy-duty water repelling fabric, made with reflective thread. Designed, crafted and manufactured in the US, the 'hood protects you from the elements without comprising on style. Every model features sturdy, waterproof breathable membrane fabric and protective seam-sealing. It has a fitted hood with a large brim to keep faces dry, without blocking peripheral vision. Handy arm holes have snappy magnetic closures, and some models feature additional Velcro trim tabs. The chest pocket protects valuables with a water-resistant Uretek zipper that closes with authority. We are the only store in the UK to stock the whole range of these distinctive Cleverhood rain capes. Check them out online or in store today. 



The Helios is designed to handle and perform at the highest level, whilst accomodating a variety of requirements. The Helios can easily fit a wide range of different sized people, is versatile enough to transport families and their luggage or shopping, yet be compact enough for easy storage and transportation. By using the 20" wheel size, Circe have designed a compact, light, stiff and strong frame with an exceptionally low step over height. It is low enough at the back for even a very small child, but with the telescoping seat post, and variable size geometry and very adjustable rear handlebar, it can also accommodate a 6ft adult. The front end also fits a wide range of different sized people, with riders from 4'10" up to 6'5" having 'captained' the Helios. To facilitate storage and transportation, it has detachable steerer extender/handlebars and optional detachable pedals, which in combination with the exceptionally compact frame, mean that the Helios can be transported in medium size hatchback style cars, and be stored in small, narrow spaces. Truly the 'bike for all reasons', the Helios is a remarkably versatile bicycle. Whether doing the school run, a fast sportif, touring in far-off places or doing the weekly shop, the Helios has the answer.

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